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Podcasts 101

What is a podcast?

Think of podcasts like an on-demand radio program. You decide where and when you want to listen to a podcast. It could be on your smartphone or your computer. Podcasts are free. However, sometimes there are opportunities to subscribe to extra features for a fee.

Smartphones are a great place to listen to podcasts. If you have an iPhone, you automatically have a Podcast app. For Android users, you can download the Google Podcasts app. There are other podcast apps you can download on either kind of device, like Spotify or Stitcher. Some have extra bells and whistles, but it is up to preference. You can also listen to podcasts on your computer by going directly to the podcast webpage.


There are podcasts about every topic under the sun. They can be as short as a couple of minutes to as long as several hours. Like to quilt? There are podcasts for that. Like Sunday morning interview shows? There are podcasts for that. Like true crime? Try Crime Raven.


If you are listening to a podcast on your smartphone, you can find it in your podcast app. If you know the title, use the search feature to find it. Most apps have a browse or discover button if you want to browse by topic. You can also use the search feature to search topics.


A podcast is a show made up of episodes. You can subscribe or follow a show so your smartphone will automatically list new episodes as they come out. The follow button in the Apple Podcasts app is at the top right when you are on a show’s page. Also, on the show’s page, you will see a description of the show, the show’s ratings, and below that, a list of episodes. To learn more about each episode, you can click on it. To play an episode, select the play button.


To find Crime Raven on your favorite podcast app, you can look here:

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